GDPR cookie usage

As we hosted in European Union and our website available to european visitors, we should follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and inform you about data privacy regulation and how your data processed and stored. Link to Privacy policy you can always find in the footer of website.

Google analytics

We also would like to info you, that all pages covered by Google Analytics. You could not turn it off as it's requered for us to track what is the most interesting for you and know your reaction on our articles.

Google analytics insight for one week in December 2018

Enabling newsletters

Subscription is a great way to stay informed about last publications or news from us. We did a huge update to deliver relevant news to all our subscribers as often as they like. We are sending our mails using the Gmail SMTP server, so they should be always in the white list of your email client.

Advance subscription settings

Subscription becomes even more useful as you can manage your preferences to receive the most relevant letters from us. You could choose which complexities should have articles, which we will send to you. Or probably, you would like to get newsletters related only to one specific category, in this case, you can specify them in the dropdown. You can also extend categories list with specific tags you would like to listen.

At the bottom of the subscription page, you'll find a link to unsubscribe. In this case, your subscription will be deactivated, but your email still will be stored in our database to prevent someone else subscribe you. If you would like to get all the information about yourself, that we have, please write us an email at <>.

Printable pages

Now, all pages on our blog are prepared to be printable or to be saved in .pdf. This could be very useful if you want to have an access to our articles also when you are offline.

Printable article preview

Hide irrelevant categories

We have very ambitious plans to write articles in different fields of IT and even more, but as right now there are many categories without no articles in it, we hid all categories without articles. As soon we publish something there, category also will be visible again.

Also we add a counter, so you could always know how many articles are in the category, that you'd like to read.

Now even faster!

Since the last release, we made our blog even faster to access for you. All pages have caching enabled and pre-generated for you before your request.