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Thumbnail | Which VPN protocol should you use

Which VPN protocol should you use?

Whether you agree or you don't, digital security is a foremost concern among both individuals and businesses. To mitigate or avoid cyber attacks, it is crucial that you make a Virtual Private Network (VPN) an essential component of your overall digital security strategy. Identifying which VPN protocol you should use is a good initial step.

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Thumbnail | Domain-Driven Design in simple words

Domain-Driven Design in simple words

An application can be developed with an amazing architecture, using the latest technologies and having the best interface, etc. But if it doesn't solve the business's needs, it won't be considered useful for it. That's when domain driven design (DDD) comes in. As its name says, the point here is to focus on the domain of a specific business.

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Thumbnail | How DNS servers work

How DNS servers work

Understanding what a DNS record is and what each part of an entry represents is vital to understanding what your DNS records are doing and why they behave the way they do. Knowing where your record is pointing and what the TTL is set to is important in knowing when to expect your changes to take effect and begin working.

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