Guidelines to publish articles

Larapulse is a platform open for all author who has an interesting topic to share with the community in clear words. If you are interested to publish your article by us, be aware of our guidelines listed below.

The article should be written in simple and understandable words, without unnecessary complications, so that anyone interested in this topic could understand it and he/she would not need to look for additional information elsewhere.

Currently only English supported!
Please Note!

Our opinion regarding the value and importance of your comment can differ from yours. We hope for your understanding on this matter. We however don't leave a single comment without a response; we will try to let you know what is wrong with your comment, in our opinion.

Writing training materials and doing research

We are always happy to discuss potential cooperation with talented experts in IT area, able to present their ideas in a clever and engaging manner. We have a long list of topics to be covered by the training course; and we need high quality and engaging materials, and potentially certain research. We are prepared to work in close collaboration with authors, and would like to have it productive and mutually beneficial.

Personal benefits and growth
The benefits you will get:
  • Opportunity to make a difference doing something exciting for the common good
  • Opportunity to build your reputation
Share knowledge with community
What we expect from you:
  • Expert knowledge of the respective matters
  • Interesting high-quality materials
  • Clear texts suitable for an unprepared user
  • New research

The topic for an article does not have to be unique, but it must be interesting in order to bring in a new look or a better understanding of the topic.

Requirements to the article structure

Required fields
  • headline: Name of the article;
  • slug: dash-separated english naming;
  • level: Complexity level - for all, low, medium, or high level;
  • category: Category an article belongs to;
  • tags: min 3, from the most relevant to the less relevant;
  • author: Author's full name (an account on this name will be created);
  • content*: the main content of the article in markdown; min 300 words or 1000 characters; pictures are welcome and must be either unique or partially unique;
  • cover*: image with min. resolution 1200x800px, but not bigger than 3600x2400px;
  • thumbnail*: square image with min. resolution 600x600px, but not bigger than 1200x1200px.
* all images MUST be optimized to reduce the size, but not reducing the quality! You can use services like, Optimizilla or any other.
Optional fields
  • short_description: max 250 characters to be shown in the article list
  • teaser: few words to start an article; will be shown right before the main content (markdown supported)
  • conclusion: summarize an article with few the most important theses (markdown supported)
  • resources: links to the resources used to write an article

For more details, just get in touch with our team. Please send your queries and ideas to